1. Online consultation, information, and ongoing assistance with a
program to reach your goals.
2. Available for speaking engagements upon request, with reasonable
rates, informative materials, and ongoing assistance if needed.
3. An affordable Studio, with Personal 1 on 1 (or with a partner) fitness,
utilizing over 32 years of fitness , and over 25 years of medical
background experience to help you obtain a happy, healthy life.
BASICALLY:  Your body has the ability to adapt to any stress it is put under.  Sometimes
for a short period of time, and sometimes for longer. The longer this is, the more wear/tear on your
body. That is how we survive.  Some great techniques have been developed to form the C.A.T.
system and I put them to use in the Mission 1 Fitness program!
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So what does Mission 1 Fitness offer?
There are 3 basic components to a fitness program: Nutrition, Conditioning, and
Strength Training.  These are the building blocks that will help you achieve your
goals, with a long, healthy, happy life, and all three add to increasing your
metabolism affecting the change to fitness.


This is nothing more than the fuel you put in your mouth to run your body!  Think
about your car.  If you put crappy, cheap gas in it, no matter what kind of vehicle you
have, it will run...well, crappy and you'll get out of it, exactly what you put in it!  Poor
gas mileage is like poor nutrition,  giving you poor performance. Giving your body the
energy and building blocks it needs to sustain health is the idea you must keep in
mind, not all those commercials telling you "fast and easy is just as good!"  
There are many reasons for the obesity problems of today.  These include:         
 Automation (where minimal effort is needed for everyday tasks),  
Computers/computer games (where most of the time is dedicated to sitting on
                                                  your bottom using your fingers),
Poor food quality (the push for more
yield or quantity,  has reduced the quality of
                                our foods),
High fat (which tastes good) fast food for "your busy life style"
                 (this pushes to fill the hunger need but not the nutrition needs),
Uncontrolled life style: WHO is in control of your life....your boss,
                                        your business, your family, your desire to always make
                                        more, and more money for that "better life  
                                        style" you never get to enjoy!  Or...............
YOU in control?  
There are many other reasons, but most lead right back to these.  Isn't it about time
for YOU to get back in control of your life?  Otherwise, when you look at it .....is it
really a life?  
It's time to do something about it!

The cure?    Planning meals, sharing the kitchen as a family area (like our parents or
grandparents did),  Grow your own foods, Make good-informed choices, If you must
have "fast food" make it and freeze it for another day!  Don't buy as much processed
foods!!  The processing takes out the good stuff, and even though the food industry
tries to put it back in, they're failing, causing us to have substandard nutrition.  Don't
use saturated oils or fats because these ARE bad for you.  But Olive oils are not!  
Don't use processed sugars or fake sugars.  The "diet" sugar substitutes are actually
making you eat more by increasing your appetite and are not processed by you body.  
I hate that commercial about the Corn syrup added to candy and pop cycles. The
basis to that not being good for you because your body cannot process the high
fructose corn syrup, making it bad or toxic for you.  But, if you look at any candy...it's
in everything!  Why???  Because $$$$$$$$!  It's cheaper,
not better for you, just
cheaper!  And the agencies that are suppose to be protecting us, are asleep, letting it
go on!  I can't wait to see what they come up with next!

OK, basically, you get the message...and the message is NOT that you have to spend
more time, just that you need to do things smarter......that's all.  There are specific
techniques that, when applied, help increase weight loss, and can actually, help gain
muscle for those with difficulty gaining.  More later.

Studies have shown that duration of exercise can be beneficial...to a point, depending
on what type of exercise is done.  
Long term, intensive exercise is not beneficial to
your body!  As a mater of fact, it's detrimental.  Your body, muscles, skeletal system,
and breakdown/repair mechanisms are NOT designed to sustain long term intensive
exercise.  Think about it! Have you ever seen a 90 y/o marathon runner who started in
his teens? The answer is no!  Why?  Because the body's systems are over loaded with
this and while adapting for awhile, begin to breakdown.  This includes the heart and
lungs.              Normals are as follows, but decrease with exercise!
Ages:                             Breaths/min:                                 Heart beats/min:
Newborn -                          30 - 80                                                 100 - 160
1-10 y/o                              20 - 40                                                  70 - 120
10-Adult                              8 - 25                                                   60 - 100

So, if you are a 40 y/o adult, you would have taken 238,000,000 breaths and had
415,200,000 heart beats in your life time.  Now, you add 2 hours aerobics or running/4
days a week/10 years. Running/120 BPM, 30 breaths/min =  adding 1.5 million more
breaths and pulse of 120/min = about 6 millions more heart beats.  
There is a better way not age you heart/lungs that much, because lets face it...they are
pretty important!  I am not advocating sitting on your couch!  I'm saying we can cut
this excess down to conditioning (not aerobics which is not a correct term anyway)
for 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a week, using some simple techniques to prevent
adaptation.  This will give you more time to do what you want during the day AND save
your lungs & heart some wear/tear without your body adapting to it!  Save the tennis
or other sports for fun, not exercise.  This also helps you control your metabolism,
weight and give you a feeling of well being.

Muscle Strengthening:

This area concerns the tissue that helps to support and move our skeletal system, and
some internal structures.  The purpose of strengthening in fitness is for attaining the
support & motion, but the side effect, is that it also makes you more attractive to other
people.....at least some.  The strengthening gives your joints range-of-motion which
helps with joint health.  Strengthening has been taken to extremes and also passed on
to others with tons of misinformation, mostly in gyms by other members, but also by
some fly-by-night "professionals" or 6 week wonders.  Those are the people that take
a short (on-line or others) course and pass a certificate exam that really doesn't mean
a whole lot...but sounds good!  I have the experience of doing, along with going to
med school, working in sports medicine & Orthopeadics. What Mission 1 Fitness
does, is teach you to workout, agonist/antagonist groups so as to keep stability.  For
instance: working the Triceps and Biceps as a group, shoulders/upper back & Chest
as a group, lower back & Abdomen as a group, and legs with Quads & Hamstrings as
a group.  This allows for symmetry and full range-of-motion.  I use specific techniques
here too, that prevent adaptation.  I have tried just about every type of program in my
32+ years of doing this, and I can tell you that taking what works, and forgetting what
doesn't has gotten this program to one like no other, with one big difference.......I can
adapt techniques to a plan that will help you get to your goals, (not someone else's)!  
A lot of programs are designed to make money for the facility, not for the fitness of
the client.  I am committed to giving you the best result for your efforts, as I would
give for myself. Muscle supports the body, where excess fat interferes and tears down
life style and your health.  I could go on all day, but I' think you get the idea!
Components of a Fitness Program