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The ONLY Total Fitness program you'll ever need!
Mission 1 Fitness, was started as a means of giving everyone a fitness
program that's individually designed, affordable, and transferable.  I
got very tired in medicine with treatment of problems instead of
preventing them before they begin.  M1F is for anyone who wants to
not only live a longer life, but a healthier and happier life!  George
Burns, answered a question of was there anything he'd do different
in his life with: " If I knew I was going to live this long, I'd have
taken a lot better care of myself!"  
   Will this be you? This fitness is for people from 10 to 100!     
Where do you fit & what do you want to do different?
Who am I, why should anyone listen to me.
 Basically, I am now a 53 (2008) y/o Caucasian, Husband, Christian, Father,
Brother, Uncle, Friend, Small business owner, Retired Navy Officer, Retired
Physician Assistant, Veteran fitness/medical professional..., who put together  a no
nonsense, Complete Fitness Program from 32 yrs of experience.  
                                                How's that for precise?

I grew up in a small town in Minnesota, in a family of (eventually) 13 children.  In
high school, I played football, wrestled, and a short period in Track (shot put &
Discus...with a Little running).   I spent 32 years in the military (from Viet Nam to
Afghanistan) starting as enlisted and ending with retirement in 2006 as a
Lieutenant Commander.  I was a Commanding Officer of a Marine/Navy unit, and
spent a tour in Afghanistan with the Marines (FMF) in 2004.  I have training as a
Hospital Corpsman, Nurse, and then Physician Assistant.  I spent 25 years as a PA,
mostly in sports medicine/Orthopeadics.  I have about 34 years in Fitness...so far!  
Experience has been gained each and every year, trying everything from working out
2 hours/day/6 days a week, to a much more productive and manageable 45 minutes,
4 times a week.  NO STEROID USE, but I sure have seen my share of those that did.  
I have always prided myself as a trust worthy person guided by Christian and Ethical
 values, so you can count on this not being a scam for a fast buck!
Who are the Mission 1 Fitness programs designed for?

1.   If you've never lifted weights, no conditioning, or never followed any specific
diet...it's for you!

2.   If you did some, (or currently) doing: weights, conditioning, and/or follow (sort of)
a diet....it's for you!

3.   If you do weight lifting, conditioning and/or diet, but are frustrated, wanting a
change, it's for you!

4.  Whether you are 12 or 100, fat or skinny, athletic or computer geek, in perfect
health or have medical problems!  
           Basically..........if you are breathing and want a better life...
It's for you!!
The next few pages will give you an idea of the changes you can get, using the
Mission 1 Fitness program, but....there is only one other thing!                                    

                               NOT JUST THE PART YOU WANT TO!

This program combines the three elements of the Total Fitness Concept!

1. Strengthening
2. Conditioning.
3. Diet (nutrition).

This program gets the result you want
ONLY when ALL components are done
in entirety!

  Try building a house without using nails, or boards.....it's the same kind of thing!  
 The techniques used in each of these areas, are designed to get you to where you
want to go!  Any deviation will be an exercise in futility!   Just remember that,

In addition to these three components, is a spiritual one, whatever that means to you
There is a saying in the military that has been held for a long, long time, and that is:  
     "When the bullets fly and bombs explode...........everybody prays!"
This just shows that everyone has a spiritual side and maybe that's what has been
holding you back from your goals.  If you are skeptical, that's OK!   Just keep the
spirituality component in the back of your mind.  
Give this 12 weeks and you'll see your goals realized, or at least very close!  The only
thing is.....you HAVE to
plan the work, and work the plan!  No one can say this doesn't
work if they don't do the work!  Otherwise, you could sleep with this plan lying on your
head and it would work.......wouldn't that be great!  
   Truth is, there is no magic pill, touch, or plan, that will work without the effort!
   But then....there has never been a plan WORTH as much effort as this one!

                                                     KEEP GOING!
Orthopeadic Surgery in Kandahar,
Afghanistan, while waiting to go home!
Meeting Vince Vaughn at the Kandahar
Military Air Base, Afghanistan.
Decompressing after Combat tour.
Military formal dress for my Wedding.
Met and Married the love
of my life, after coming
back from Afghanistan.  I
had to go through
a lot
before God presented her
to me!  We are proof that
there is a soul mate for
everybody.........in due
time after lessons are