Delivering a Complete, Professional, and Affordable
Personal Fitness Program designed specifically to
accomplish what you want, using a minimum of your time.
A new way of providing fitness!
* 45 minute weight resistant exercise program.
* Sensible eating.
* A simple 20-30 minute Conditioning exercise program.
               Do you  
cringe when you hear:
Diet", "Weight training", or "exercise"?  
                          No need to worry!
   Mission 1 Fitness develops a
total fitness program
       with the results
YOU want,  using: YOUR  
            TIME, NEEDS & INTERESTS!
  You'll NEVER get a ready made program, just one      
                 designed specifically for YOU!
 Call today.....Start tomorrow!     
           407 - 405 - 8249       
You want different?    Check this out!
Does your body need      

Unfortunately, it's not as simply as drawing up
plans, knocking down walls, and repainting!

BUT, it IS as simple as:
   Forming a total fitness plan with,
Diet, Conditioning, & a Muscle workout!

And then doing it, whether with a Professional
        Fitness Provider, or on your own!
Are you the top or the bottom picture?

It really doesn't matter, because you
have the power to change, whether you
are 14 or 100!

You are Never:  Too old,  Too young,
Too fat, Too thin, Too out of shape, or
have TOO many medical problems!

I've been in medical practice as a
Physician Assistant for over 25 years,
and I know for a fact that I can put my
techniques and methods to ANYONE
with a desire to change!

It's NOT as hard or difficult as you think,
& trust me... I can design a program
that even the "I've done everything"
person has NEVER done!